Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alpha Males and Shower Shots

I'm over at the Ex Libris blog today, discussing why smart women love our alpha heroes.

But Thursday, I was in the shower. And not alone. The Get in the Shower With an Author event on Thursday was a ton of fun. Books, Tees, friends, food, wine, beer, cupcakes and all for the benefit of ta-tas. How could it not be fun?!?

Very special thanks to Mr. Shower Door in Naples, Sassy Cakes and Tropical Smoothies at Gateway Plaza in Naples for your support! Thank you to the readers, fans and friends who came, too!

Don't forget! Any book and t-shirt purchases at throughout the month of February support the cause - the fight against breast cancer.


  1. No pictures with cupcakes? Sure, you tempt me on twitter with cupcakes and about events I can't attend then you don't even show us what delicious cupakes. tsk.

    Glad you had fun. Looks like a great event.

  2. Sorry, Dawn! I was supposed to take pictures of cupcakes...but I was more interested in eating them, I guess. :)


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