Friday, November 29, 2013

The Book of Phoenix Double Cover Reveal!

It's a double-cover reveal (and a sale!) for The Book of Phoenix series! The cover of The Space Between (Book 1) has been made-over, and we're sharing for the first-time ever, the title and cover for Book 2 (see below).


New Adult Paranormal Romance

First installment of the Book of Phoenix series.

When Life Falls to Pieces, Answers Lie in the Space Between

Leni Drago can't make a smart decision on her own, according to her mother anyway--the few times she's tried resulted in disaster. When her uncle sends her on a dance tour in Italy to find her real self, she returns to an empty home and any evidence of his existence wiped out. Then things get even stranger, like the mysterious appearances of Jeric Winters--inked, pierced and a hit-'em-and-quit-'em type. He's one decision that should be easy for Leni. Or is he?

Jeric doesn't do girlfriends. Unless they're someone else's. He left the fighting cage and modeling for a reason, and girls who want more than a night of fun are distractions he doesn't need. Especially when they come with as much baggage as Leni carries. But he can't shake the gut feeling that he needs to know her. All of her.

To discover the truth behind their connection and their ties to a journal from 1989, they must face painful secrets from their pasts. And they must do so quickly because their own existences are falling to pieces.

This first part of The Book of Phoenix takes you on a heart-wrenching ride as you discover the answers that lie in The Space Between.


(Working Description)

In this second installment of The Book of Phoenix series, Leni and Jeric are (re)learning their roles as the Phoenix Guardians and becoming the leaders they once were while taking on their first mission - guiding a Separated soul to the Gate. But that soul has her own issues, including supporting her sister and their deathly ill parent while dealing with an ex who doesn't want to be an ex anymore and a budding romance with a guy who could be her saving grace...or her fatal end. The last thing she needs right now is a couple of psychos trying to convince her that she'll never find her soul's other half except through them. What does that even mean, anyway? And why on Earth should she trust them when they don't even trust each other?

Coming March 2014

To celebrate, The Space Between is on sale for only 99c through January 1, 2014! Get it here:





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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cover Reveal! Selena Laurence's CONCEALED

My author-friend Selena Laurence has an upcoming release and has revealed the cover. Isn't it smokin'?!

Just in time for Christmas! Releasing the Week of December 15th, CONCEALED, the sequel to the Top Selling Military Romance Camouflaged.

Two years ago, Gabe Thompson stood in the desert of Afghanistan and watched the love of his life drive away. When his tour of duty ended six months later, she wasn’t waiting. Now Gabe’s ready to go after the one thing his life is missing – the woman he’s never been able to forget.

Twenty-year-old Alexis Garcia rues the day she decided to volunteer for a UN mission to Afghanistan. The sexy, exasperating soldier she met there nearly destroyed her carefully constructed life with the boy next door. She’s spent two years trying to forget Gabe, working to show her parents and her boyfriend that she knows where she belongs.

But when Gabe shows up at Alexis’s door, complete with tattoos, a Harley and enough attitude to start another war, everything she’s tried to conceal could be exposed, starting with her heart.

About Selena Laurence:

Selena Laurence lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spends a hell of a lot of time at soccer games, on her laptop, and reading. She requires a Mocha Latte every day to function, keeps a goldendoodle at her feet most of the time, and has more kids than she knows what to do with. Her husband, Mr. Laurence, spends as much time as he can at the office and the gym in order to avoid the kids, the dog, the laptop and the reading, but he always shows up for the soccer games, and he makes a mean Mocha Latte.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Adult Authors You Should Know: Tawdra Kandle

After Julia's boyfriend Liam dumps her in a very public way, revenge seems like a good idea. With the help of some friends, she schemes to win him back--then break his heart. She didn't count on meeting a guy who could be the one to make her forget all about her ex. . .if her plans don't backfire on both of them.

Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she has delved into contemporary romance and New Adult romance. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Release Day! WONDER: A Soul Savers Collection of Short Stories Part 1

It's release day! Woohoo!!! These short stories for the holidays have been so much fun to write. I hope you enjoy them as much I have! If so, please don't forget to leave a review. *bats eyelashes*


This first part of the Wonder collection of short stories brings three New Adult Paranormal tales to the Thanksgiving table. 

Baby vampire Mindy yearns for a traditional Thanksgiving feast, but her efforts result in disaster after disaster. Can she come to terms with what she is and learn new ways to celebrate? Or will her determination to hang onto the old traditions end up killing her own family? 

At sixteen years old, Rissa was kicked out of her house by her stepfather, bitten by a werewolf and infected so she’d become one herself. She hasn’t had a single thing to be grateful for in the six years since. When a handsome-as-the-devil college guy frees her from a trap, she knows she should leave him immediately, but she can’t bring herself to. Is he truly as nice as he seems and can he really give her a sense of belonging? Or is she setting herself up for the worst shock since her first full moon as a wolf? 

Fresh off the battlefield, Alexis, Tristan, and the Soul Savers crew struggle to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner, especially when a Daemoni attack ruins everything. When it’s all over, can they find a single blessing to count or is that too much to ask in this time of war? 

Meet new characters and revisit your favorites from the world of the bestselling Soul Savers Series by Kristie Cook. This is the first of a three-part collection, with Christmas and New Year’s coming November 2013.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Adult Authors You Should Know: Ella Col

*Mature Content Advisory* 

Twenty-two year old, Bree Jensen is a survivor who managed to break free from her abuser and start a new life. 

Bree fights to live a normal life. She does not want to be a victim or survivor. Bree just wants to forget.

Falling in love is the last thing on her mind, now that Bree has the chance to start over. 

That is…until she meets her neighbor, Josh. Josh oozes sexual charm. He’s confident, talented, and he adores her. Bree finds everything about Josh hard to resist right down to his decorated body of tattoos, piercings and shag haircut. Don’t forget about those damn green eyes. 

Josh has endured his own personal hell and meeting Bree has triggered emotions he thought were buried deep. 

Can they SAVE each other from their chilling pasts and begin the fairytale both so desperately want?

Ella Col lives in New Jersey with her husband and their two boys. She released her debut, NA novel, SAVE, on July 16, 2013.
She is currently working on two novels. The first, BROKEN is a follow up to SAVE. BROKEN tells the story from both Eric and Lena's POV. The story also peeks into their pasts. BROKEN will be released mid to late October 2013. The second, LOCKED is the story of Caydon and Reece. LOCKED will be released spring of 2014.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writer Wednesday: Guest Post From New Authors Yelena Casale & Tina Moss

It's been a long time since I've had a Writer Wednesday, which features writers I think you should know or shares tips and information about writing and publishing. I'm excited to have one today. Please welcome Yelena Casale, who has written a guest post for us as she and co-author Tina Moss celebrate the release of their new novel, A Touch of Darkness.

On Mythology

By Yelena Casale

When we sat down to write an urban fantasy novel, we both agreed that we wanted to explore the angel and demon mythology and find new twists in it. We wanted to leave the religious aspects out of it and create a whole new variation that would hopefully surprise those that thought they knew everything about it. I was always fascinated with this particular mythology and with angels in particular. Of course, when one thinks of angels, usually they think of unbelievably beautiful beings that are the protectors of humans, and who are the servants of God (that is true for most religions). They may think of pictures of guardian angels watching over little children, and even as the messengers of the supreme being.
Few others will remember that angels can also be warriors, fighting for the good of humanity and against the evil forces. This image is darker, more dangerous, frightening even. Archangel Michael with his flaming sword inspires awe and respect. And who can forget the first, the most beautiful angel of them all, the ultimate fallen angel - Lucifer, who now inspires nothing but fear and personifies evil.
            Lately, there has been an explosion of angelic mythology in urban fantasy and paranormal romance literature, as well as TV shows. As a matter of fact, Supernatural is a TV show that is steeped in angel and demon mythology for many seasons now. One of the aspects that it explores is what if angels are not the perfect beings of utter kindness and mercy? What if some go bad? What if some are to be more feared than admired?
            Certainly, one of the main attractions of urban fantasy is the myriad of ways to explore mythology and find innovative twists on it. As we say, in urban fantasy, anything can happen and the most amazing creatures can exist alongside humans. Just open your mind and delve deep into your imagination. It’s a fascinating world.

About the book:

Cassie’s working for a tightwad boss at a pretentious NYC diner, dealing with paralyzing pain that doctors can’t diagnose, and trying to hide her hands that glow purple whenever she ...well, whenever.

So, when a mysterious stranger walks out of her dreams and into her life to spout some nonsense about her being a mythical creature, she chalks it up to one more crazy thing to add to her it’s-a-crappy-life list. Yet, when the stranger’s predictions start to come true, she discovers a world that could shake up her humdrum existence.
Add to Goodreads: 

About the authors:

Tina's bio: Tina Moss is an author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and New Adult novels. She lives in NYC with a supportive husband and alpha corgi, though both males hog the bed and refuse to share the covers. When not writing, she enjoys reading, watching cheesy horror flicks, traveling, and karate. As a 5'1" Shotokan black belt, she firmly believes that fierce things come in small packages.

Yelena's bio: Yelena Casale is an Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance author. When she is not writing, she loves to read, watch TV with her husband (and without), take long walks and cuddle with her cat Bones. She is a second degree black belt/Shotokan karate instructor, and archaeology, history & art enthusiast.

Tina's contact info:
Twitter: @Tina_Moss

Yelena's contact info:
Twitter: @Yelena_Casale