Friday, February 10, 2012

Virtual Release Party Tonight & You're Invited!

So this window has been open all day and I forgot to post! >dork on board!< I apologize for the late notice of this:

It's Devotion's official release day!

Woot!!! And we're going to party it up!

The Man and the Herd went out of town, so I'm hosting a slumber party! When was the last time you attended a slumber party?!? I know, right? It's time to have some girl fun!

Since most of you are a little far away, we'll be doing it virtual-style. There will be games, giveaways and lots of chatting going on. I'm bringing wine, snacks and chocolate, but feel free to bring your own favorite yummies. Including any candy of the eye kind.

Here's your invite!

Who: Anyone, anywhere! Join in for as long or as short as you can

What: Games, giveaways, chats, good times!
Where: My Facebook author page (and look for some tweets, too)

When: Tonight, 2/10, starting at 8 pm EST until ??? (whenever we fall asleep)

The first 20 people to check in will receive a Soul Savers Swag Pack (including those beautiful new bookmarks!)

Hope to see you there!


  1. Glad to see I was paying attention to my wall on facebook, or I would have missed this.

  2. That was so awesome of you to hang out with us last night and give so much stuff away! Thank you for being so amazing and I can never put those books down!!

  3. I wish I could have made it, but I had to work. :( But I'm celebrating by buying a copy!


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