Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

For those who haven't read Devotion yet, well, uh, why the heck not? Need more enticement? Here's a tease for you:

"I'm the alien but they all treat me like …"
"Royalty?" Tristan finished for me.
I sighed. "Yeah. At this rate, I'll be ready to get back to normal life sooner than I thought. At least in the normal world, I know how to behave, what to do."
He gave me a squeeze. "We'll be leaving soon enough, I'm sure. But first you have a lot to learn. You need to train. Have you been practicing at all, or just gawking?"
"Pretty much just gawking," I admitted and then I frowned. I hated listening to people's thoughts, and it felt especially intrusive when the people close by thought they were in the privacy of their own homes. At least on the main street, people would be thinking fewer intimate thoughts and more about their business at hand. "Let's go back downtown, or whatever you call it, so I can be with more people."
As we walked, I pushed my cloud out to people we passed long enough to hear a brief thought, then quickly pulled the cloud in as soon as I'd succeeded. I kept to only one person at a time, afraid I'd lose control if I tried more. Fortunately, what I heard was mostly mundane, except …
"Can't stop thinking of him as Seth. Look at him, walking around as though he owns the place, his hands all over the real royalty, as though he owns her. He's such a traitor. He'll be the downfall of the Amadis."


  1. Loved Devotion! I hope everyone else loves it as much as I did. ~Christina

  2. please say there will be another book, I really can't wait to find out about the stone. I have truly enjoyed the whole series, but it has left me wanting so much more. Thank you.

  3. I absolutely LOVED the whole Souls Savers series. I am hoping there will be a book 4 and that will be coming soon?.....( just cannot get enough of Tristan...*SIGH*).

  4. I just finished Devotion and have to say that the Soul Savers series is probably my favorite set of books I've read the last year or so (and I've read a lot!). Tristan's control and ability to plan and know what he must do to take care of his family is perfect for Alexis' young, impetuous spirit. I just KNOW there have to be more stories for this couple.... we must find out Dorian's fate, more about Lillith, if (and when) the next Amadis daughter comes.... Plus, I'd love to see Owen find a soul mate and hear their story. Please keep them coming!! Many thanks for providing some wonderful reading and enjoyment. Darlene

  5. please have another book! The Soul Savers are amazing and are the only thing that get me through the school day!


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