Monday, January 16, 2012


We had some fun over on the Facebook page this weekend as fans posted their choices for the Promise and Purpose playlists. They made some awesome suggestions that I hadn't thought of while compiling my playlists that I listened to while writing these books. Here are my playlists, then you can mosey over to the Facebook page and find the threads to see others' ideas.

Promise Playlist:

Purpose Playlist (yeah, there are repeats but remember I wrote them together as one book so the end of Promise and the beginning of Purpose go together):

What do you think? Have you ever created a playlist for your favorite book? Do you have any suggestions you'd add to the list for Promise or Purpose? If you're a writer, do you make playlists? Before or after writing the first draft?


  1. I don't make playlists, but certain albums and songs will stick in my head when I'm working on a book.

  2. Love this! Evanescence is a great choice!

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Breaking Benjamin! More 30 Seconds to Mars!!! Civil Twilight! Evanescence! Smashing Pumpkins! Kings of Leon!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I read the new post before this one!! Yay for music!!

  4. Seems there is a song to fit any thing that happens in life! That is why I love music!


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