Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

So excited to share with you today! You know that novella I've been going on and on about? Well, it actually has a title. And even a (sort of) description. It's nowhere near the final description, but something to tease you with. :)

A father who reveals his truth.
Twins who take different paths—one light, one dark.
Angels who have plans for them both
 And Demons who do as well.
So the Earthly battle for souls ignites…

A tale that is over 2,000 years old, this is the story of the Amadis inception.

Can't wait to share more! Very soon, my lovelies.


  1. What a good name!!!
    Looking forward to read and review it :)))

    inga from http://www.ingasilbergbooks.com/

  2. I'm intrigued! This sounds so good! I hope you get to share more about it soon.

  3. Hi Kristie,

    Our friend, Michelle Gregory, pointed me here. :o)

  4. I just read Promise in less than a day - I stayed up reading until late last night. I love your writing style and steamy scenes. Great story too! I am all about supernatural romances :)
    Needless to say this morning I bought Purpose as soon as I woke up ( I love the immediate gratification of a Kindle :) )

  5. Inga, Thanks! I can't wait to release it. :)

  6. Heather, Thanks! I'll be sharing more very soon about this one and DEVOTION, book 3 in the series.

  7. Thanks, Jamie! And thank you for stopping by. :)

  8. Hi, Kristal, nice to "meet" you! I'll be sure to thank Michelle.

  9. Bobbie, I know what you mean. Sometimes that immediate gratification can be dangerous. Haha! Thank you for reading and I'm so glad you like the books.

  10. I know it's not nice to rush you but please please PLEASE hurry?!?! I love your books! I really love how you didn't end Purpose with a HUGE HUGE cliff hanger bc I would have died!!! Waiting until 2012 is semi-ok bc I know at least Tristan, Alexis, and Dorian are all together now. :) But for real! Pretty please with a cherry on top!
    Ps The website wont let me add my name..


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