Thursday, November 18, 2010

Headed Out to Miami Book Fair

Today we head out to the Miami Book Fair International, which doesn't start until tomorrow, but we have to check in today. It's a 3-day street fair, open to the public. Lots of authors, publishers and booksellers AND readers! My favorite kind of people. :-) Oh, and LOADS of books!!!

It's supposed to be a big one with tons of traffic. I hope so! I also hope we're appropriately prepared. I guess the worse thing that can happen is we sell out of books and we have to ship some. Not a bad problem at all.

Confirmed authors include Ellen Hopkins, Dave Barry, Laurie Halse Anderson, Pat Conroy, Jonathan Franzen, Scott Turow, Scott Westfeld and many, many more. I now wish I'd purchased some of those books I meant to, in case I get a chance to have them signed!

I'm not a "confirmed author" - I don't know why - but I WILL be there. Our booth is in section E, the purple one (must be a good sign), so if you're going, please come visit!


  1. wish i could be there to cheer you on. guess i'll have to do it from Arizona. hope you can hear me.

  2. Ha! Thanks, Michelle! One day we will do one together. :)


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